No Worries answers questions every consumer needs to ask when choosing an In-Home Care agency

What Services does your
In home Care Agency provide?

No Worries is a Comprehensive In-home Care Agency providing personal care, complex care and custom care. ALL Caregivers are trained to provide Medication Administration.

  • Personal Care – To individuals or couples in their home, Retirement or Assisted Living Community
  • Complex Care – If you need tube feeding, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, insulin injections, catheter care, suctioning and other high complexity tasks, then No Worries is able to provide the care you need
  • Custom Care – There is so much more that can be done with our Custom Care. See our Custom Care page for more details.
How many years have you been in business?

No Worries has been in business for 23 years and has a large staff of caregivers with an experienced Administrative Team including 3 Full-time Registered Nurses.

Who supervises the caregivers?

No Worries has 3 Full-time Registered Nurses who train and supervise the care of all clients.

Is a supervisor available 24 hours a day?

Yes. No Worries does not believe in answering machines. When you call you get a real person. After hours, No Worries has a Registered Nurse on-call who can be reached directly at 503-672-8712. A Scheduling staff member is also on-call and can be reached at the office number: 503-641-4949.

Do you do drug screens and criminal checks on all employees?

Yes, No Worries values your safety.

How are services set up?

A Registered Nurse will make a free home visit to discuss your needs and develop a unique and detailed Service Plan. Sometimes services are needed immediately and because No Worries has a large staff, care can often be started within a matter of hours (QuickStart Care).

After meeting with you, the Registered Nurse returns to the office and meets with the Staffing Coordinators and the appropriate Caregivers are selected.

The Nurse collaborates with the Client, Family, Doctors, Discharge Planner and anyone else involved in the care and then puts together a Home Care Notebook specific to the Client with 10 sections for professionally organized care. Sections include; Plan of Care, Medication Forms, PRN Medications, Charting Notes, Flow Sheets, Nutrition Sheets, Output Tracking, Emergency Plan, Education Sheets related to the needed care, and Expired Sheets.

The Nurse then meets the Caregiver at the Client’s home and introduces the Caregiver and orients them to your Custom Service Plan.

No Worries cares enough to do things right.

What happens when a caregiver calls in sick?

No Worries is dependable and will provide a fill-in caregiver until the regular caregiver is well. No Worries Caregivers earn up to 2 weeks of Paid Time Off a year which has resulted in protection of our Clients because Caregivers are not going to work when they are sick.

What happens if a caregiver is injured while providing care?

No Worries has Workers Compensation coverage through SAIF Corporation and will provide care for the injury. A fill-in Caregiver will provide care until you Caregiver is fully recovered.

Does the Agency have an In-home Care License, bonding, and insurance?

No Worries is Bonded, Insured, and Licensed by the Oregon Health Authority. Melinda Reed RN, the founder of No Worries, helped to write the Rules for In-home Care Licensure and helped train other Agencies in how to follow the Rules in presentations around the State.

What level of licensure does the Agency have?

The Oregon Health Authority put into Law a Classification system for In-home Care Agencies that will help consumers understand what level of care they can expect to receive from different In-home Care Agencies. Below is an example of why this Classification System is so important.

On Christmas Eve 2011, the No Worries on-call Nurse received an urgent request for No Worries to immediately provide care for their loved one who was on Hospice. They had a non-medical In-home Care Agency providing care but when their loved one needed medication administration and personal care they were desperate to find other help.

The on-call No Worries Nurse called the on-call Scheduling Coordinator and went right out to set up care. The distress to this family could have been avoided by their knowing what to expect from the In-home Care Agency they had selected.