Melinda R., RN, BSN, – President (1997):

I have been known for having a lot of energy and enthusiasm and as I look back I believe those were key components of being able to start a business. I saw a need for dependable senior care and I wanted a work environment where new ideas were embraced and there were no limits on what you could do for others-including for caregivers. It didn’t take long to see that it wasn’t just seniors who needed in-home care and that people were getting discharged with complex needs. I love innovation. It was fun to develop how to provide complex care in the home by focusing on a strong foundation of nurse supervision.

The caregivers were excited and enjoyed working closely with our nurses in providing a new level of care. I love the moments of realizing we have accomplished something special. Moments where we knew we had made a difference. I love the people…our clients and our family of caregivers. I am so fortunate to work with friends whom I admire and who have the same passion for creating those moments for others. Owning a business meant I could have my personal preferences. I hate answering machines in health care. A simple statement but over the last 24 years I can think of many times this simple belief has resulted in caregivers getting questions answered immediately and clients knowing they can always reach us. It has been a dream come true to be a business owner and have the freedom to say, “Yes, we can fly to Florida and pick up a lovely grandmother who wants to come to Portland for a special family gathering.” “Yes, we can evacuate you, your dog, and all of your equipment to a hotel when your well pump freezes.” “Yes, we can provide complex care to your loved one with ALS.” “Yes, we can dismantle our skills lab hospital bed and bring it over and set it up so you don’t have to return to rehab tonight because your hospital bed didn’t get delivered.” At No Worries I have the freedom to say “Yes” and that is what makes this work so meaningful. I am blessed with a husband who served for 34 years at Oregon State Police. He understands you drop everything when someone needs help and there have been numerous occasions over the years that he has provided help. His support has allowed me to do what I love. We have 3 amazing children who have married wonderful people and blessed us with 12 incredible grandchildren. Life is good!

Jason S., RN, BSN, – Vice President/Administrator (2012):

I grew up in the wilds of Alaska and after high school I pursued an education in Anthropology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. After earning my BA, I experienced a series of unexpected events and I found myself working as a caregiver rather than running through ancient temples being chased by massive boulders. I worked for almost five years as a caregiver in Fairbanks and Portland before finally settling on a plan to go to Nursing school at OHSU. I count myself extremely lucky that after nursing school I found No Worries, an in-home care agency that really cares for their caregivers. Knowing that I’m helping to look out for the well-being of our caregivers and clients is the reason I have been here for over 8 years now. I have a little old dog named Charlie Brown who drives me crazy and I love to travel the world to dress up in strange costumes and eat strange foods! If you visit the office, you may catch me singing or doing a little dance by the copier.

Sheryl W., RN, BSN, Education Coordinator & Client Services Supervisor (2015):

My family has been in the Beaverton area my entire life. Even now, I live just a couple miles from my parents and my brothers. I love having my family so close and being able to spend time with them, plan fun family dinners, and celebrate the important moments. I am married with three children (only one currently at home) and our dog. After many years of dreaming of a medical career, I was able to pursue my nursing degree. I earned my RN license in 2016 and my BSN in 2017. I started working with No Worries as a caregiver during nursing school. I was drawn to them because of the flexibility I could have with my schedule. I stayed with them after earning my license because of the caring environment. I was excited when they contacted me to discuss filling an open nursing position. What I really love most is developing relationships with each of the clients and the caregivers. The support for one another is extraordinary. It is such a wonderful experience to work with this amazing group of people .

Stacy G. – Scheduling Manager (2002):

I started out as a caregiver in 1999 working in an Adult MRDD home. In my search for a more meaningful job, I found No Worries in 2002. I worked as a Caregiver for almost 10 years before I was asked to join the administrative staff in the office in November of 2012 as a Scheduling Coordinator. I was promoted to Scheduling Manager in 2017. What I love most about what I do is getting to know all of the caregivers and working with a wonderful group of people. We have a really amazing team. When I am not at work, I enjoy going hiking and taking many scenic pictures on my hikes. I prefer Spring and Summer to Winter a Fall because that is when I can get outside to plant my flowers, go to the river or the beach and of course go exploring nature.

Jim R. – Accounts Manager (2013):

Although I have only worked at No Worries for a few years, I am well acquainted with the business. No Worries was founded by my spouse, Melinda, 24 years ago. After retiring from another career, and spending some time building our dream home, I went back to work with Melinda.

I could say “I’m just living the dream,” but more sincerely I can say No Worries is a great place to work and has a culture of exceptional service. It is an environment where every staff member strives to be thoughtful, respectful, and responsive. It is a place where employees are recognized for their contributions. It has inspired me to conduct the financial affairs of No Worries by the same standards, whether it be with clients or staff. It is all about respect. It is all about acting with true concern. It is all about helping others to feel released from concerns and have No Worries!

Haley C. – Bookkeeper (2016):

I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. After 18 years of 120-degree summers I was ready to move on up to Oregon! I was a caregiver for 4 years before I found No Worries. I started working at No Worries and after a year knew this was the company I wanted my career with. I love caregiving but have always been drawn to the administrative side of things. I came in to the office to discuss my hopes of becoming an accountant and after just a few classes they took me in and started training me to become the bookkeeper. No Worries is a company that truly cares about their caregivers and clients.

Josh W. - HR Manager (2020):
I was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL – think not so much palm trees and sandy beaches, but more pine trees and squirrel shootin’. My wife and I came to Oregon in 2011 so she could pursue a career in Forestry and I could pursue a career onstage, both of which have been well served in this most beautiful corner of the country. I became a Resident Artist at Artists Repertory Theatre in 2014 and have called it my creative and artistic home ever since. Offstage, I’ve always had a passion for connecting people and providing exceptional service, whether that’s as an office administrator or a walking tour guide!

When I’m not on the clock, you’ll find me gathered around a (virtual) table playing Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or other tabletop and video games. I also enjoy paddling along the channel behind our house and camping when the weather’s not too bad (remember: I’m a Florida Boy).
I’m so thrilled to be a part of the team here at No Worries – the fact that there is such a commitment to the wellbeing of our clients and our entire staff of caregivers makes me honored and humbled to be a small part of the magic.

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