Melinda's Thoughts - 3/11/19

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care


A big Thank you to everyone for their efforts during the winter weather.

It is beautiful today and it seems like Spring is here and that we won’t have to worry about snowy conditions until next winter!

There has been a lot of sickness going around town. Be sure to use hand sanitizer or wet wipes after going to public places to help keep yourself well.

Stacy, our Scheduling Manager, was on call recently when a Caregiver became ill and could not go to care for a Client on a weekend.

The Client has special needs and required in person training.

When none of the Client’s usual Caregivers were available, Stacy went out and trained the Caregiver.

It just so happened that Stacy had cared for this Client for 10 years before joining our Administrative Team.

Stacy is awesome and her efforts went above and beyond.

This situation reminded me of the value of promoting from within No Worries.

Our Nurses, HR Coordinator, Office Assistant/Bookkeeper, and New hire Training Coordinator have all worked at No Worries as Caregivers and are very familiar with what it takes to provide outstanding care to Clients and support to Caregivers.

Take Care. Melinda