Melinda's Thoughts - 2/11/19

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care


Last week when I looked at the weather report on my phone I couldn’t believe it!

We immediately started to plan for a snowstorm that would start on the weekend.

Administrator, Pepsi, bought studded snow tires and drove Caregivers to Clients on Saturday morning in the ice.

Nurse, Jason, also helped with driving a Caregiver home.

Scheduling Manager, Stacy, worked around the clock to make sure everyone was where they needed to be and had rides.

Our Caregivers are Incredible!

One Caregiver drove out before the snowstorm and stayed with her Client for the weekend to make sure she had care.

I’ll never complain about rain again!

Welcome to our Caregiving Team: Emily R.

Take Care. Melinda