Melinda's Thoughts - 12/7/18

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care


It has been interesting to be away from work longer than I ever expected.

I thought I was so important to the business but what I have found is that I am only one of a Team of the most incredible people that makes special things happen at No Worries.

What a wonderful thing that is!

I can remember the days back almost 22 years ago when I started No Worries and I did all the nursing, scheduling, hiring, marketing, etc. I would never want to be younger…personally or in business!

One of the best things in my purse is my bottle of eye drops. Rubbing your eyes is a perfect way to get an eye infection or as a portal for germs.

I will never forget making it through a 2-week trip to China without rubbing my eyes and at the airport I forgot and within a couple of hours had an eye infection that was very uncomfortable and prevented me from returning to work at the hospital until it had cleared up. It is also important to protect your eyes from getting scratched when they get dry or from looking at a computer screen too long (we don’t blink as much looking at a computer screen). I remember when we were traveling and I was in a bathroom and a woman was at the sink trying to get something out of her eye. She was having difficulty and I pulled out my bottle of saline eye drops and gave them to her. She was so appreciative. I also keep eye drops at my desk.

Welcome New Caregiver to the Team: Alexa

Welcome back wonderful Caregiver: Cynthia

Take Care. Melinda