Melinda's Thoughts - 12/2018

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care


This is a time of year when traditions and cherished memories make the Season bright! I thought it would be fun to share Traditions of some of our Administrative Team:

Melinda Founder/President
My parents were all about the joy of giving and adopting a family to take gifts and food to was the highlight! Well, actually, delivering it was the highlight. Loading everything into the station wagon, quietly putting the gifts on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running. My favorite year was when we drove off and forgot my Aunt who had to hide in the bushes until we came back for her!

Jason Assistant Administrator
My parents and brother live at different corners of the US so it is hard to visit for the holidays. I always make sure to call them but I still miss out on those nice holiday meals. To make up for it, my friends and I will gather at least once in December for an Orphan Holiday meal- anyone who has family too far away is welcome to come for a potluck style dinner. It’s a great way to gather and celebrate as a family even when your real family isn’t close enough.

Pepsi Vice President/Administrator
We have one present on Christmas Eve that we unwrap and it is always pajama’s to wear for Christmas morning. Every year it is a different theme, that way it is always a fun surprise.
Cody Office Manager
My favorite tradition is to watch the Holiday Ships go down the river. They are all sparkled up with lights and play festive music. It’s a great time that everybody gets together and just spends an evening on the river.

Stacy Scheduling Manager
Every Christmas the new person (someone entering the family by way of dating or marriage) is given a special gift. They get to open the special gift usually before Christmas while the family gathers around to watch (and record). There is such a big deal made surrounding this gift that the receiver is usually nervous and excited all at the same time. The gift is usually wrapped several times until it is the biggest gift under the tree.

Stephanie HR Coordinator
For my mom Christmas was a huge deal. Our house looked so Christmas-y that it was like Santa threw up all over the place. Everything had something Christmas on it. As we kids got older and traditions evolved, one thing never did, we always got a toy for Christmas. I was in my 30’s when I asked my mom why she had given me coloring books and colors for Christmas and she said “Everyone should have a toy to play with on Christmas.” Her logic was so sound that I could not dispute it. I try to remember the gift of excitement and play as a new toy brings joy to one’s life, even as a grown up. It’s the little things!

Take Care. Melinda