Melinda's Thoughts - 10/8/18

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care


We had so much fun at our Inservice with a super hero theme honoring all of our Caregivers and Shelly Abruzzo, Providence Home Health Nurse for Outstanding Community Service.

We also had some really fun education with Cody, Office Manager, playing the Hulk (sorry Cody that the green didn’t come off for days), and Jason, Assistant Administrator, playing Captain America. We had a lot of laughs and also some covered some serious topics. It was a special evening being together!

Black Mold: Five years ago we purchased a High Efficiency washer and dryer. About 2 years ago the laundry room would sometimes smell “sour.” I never could figure it out. I asked Jim for help because I thought it might be something with the septic system. He asked me if I had ever read the instructions for the washing machine. My response was that I have been doing laundry for a LONG time and why would I need to look at instructions for how to put soap and laundry in! So, Jim read the instructions and found the washing machine can get black mold in it and needs to be cleaned every month by running a TUBCLEAN cycle and using a cleaner liquid or tablets. The laundry room is my domain ever since the early months of our marriage when Jim thought he would help with the laundry and washed my clothes in hot water shrinking everything and forever being banned from the laundry room! This has been a hit to my pride. Jim enjoys any excuse to go to ACE Hardware and went right to ACE and purchased the cleaner and found a brilliant spray called “Spray and Go” that you use when you are finished with the laundry and spray where the soap tray is to keep it from getting slimy. Yes, I went to the file with the dishwasher directions and read them!

Welcome to our Caregiving Team: Maggy G., Angalina O., Rosemary A.

Take Care. Melinda