Melindas Thoughts - 1/29/2018

Melinda R. - President | No Worries Care Hello. On January 10th we got everyone together and celebrated our 21st Anniversary, our outstanding
Caregivers, and in two hilarious skits we accomplished some training and gave everyone their W2s. We honored
Hillary who retired after 19 ½ years of outstanding Caregiving. We gave out Longevity Awards and Suzi-our HR
Manager-has been here 20 years! It was a wonderful evening at John’s Incredible Pizza Company. What an amazing group of people! I learned what a Troll was… In our business, word of mouth is the number one way new Clients come to us. People do not want someone they know nothing about coming into their home. However, the Internet is an important way to find out about a company and we had a Troll post a negative review on Google about us. A Troll is not someone who has had any connection with the company they are posting about. We are working to get the review off but in the meantime we let our Caregivers know about this and some wonderful people who know us through personal experience and the response was overwhelming. Stacy, our Scheduling Manager-of 16 years, was checking Google and would see another review and yell out to everyone to look. It was humbling for me to see these incredible reviews. We are here to help. I never expected I would ask others for help and to
receive so much was more than I ever imagined. I am very grateful.

Welcome to Caregivers:

Sophy N., Kendall M. and welcome back Josie W!

Take Care. Melinda