Quick Start Care

Quick Start Care

We can’t always plan ahead for our care needs. Early hospital discharges, sudden changes in needs and unexpected accidents or illness can all require help fast.

With our “Quick Start” program, we are able to start services with very short notice. Our team basically “drops everything” to make sure you have exactly the care you need when you need it.

Some Quick Start Stories

Two hours was the time it took after receiving a call to care for a hospice client, who need help immediately, to get caregivers scheduled and Jason Sanders, RN on his way to get care started. Our caregivers are incredible and had compassion. One caregiver got the call from us while she was in Portland and went to her daughter’s home to get some sleep so she could work the night shift as she lived about an hour away and this allowed her time to get enough sleep. Caregivers changed their personal plans so they could help this family.

I received a call from a daughter who had been up 35 hours caring for her mother. The daughter was exhausted and needed help. Teresa and I were the only nurses in the office. It was 3:15 PM. I was leaving town and needed to be out the door at 4:45 PM. Teresa had an appointment after work, but we looked at each other and knew we had to try. Everyone in the office dropped everything, which is something we are used to doing for our Quick Start Care clients, but this was a bit of a stretch. However, because the client lived close, hospice got us the orders quickly and a caregiver dropped everything to go help, Teresa was at the client’s home before 5:00 PM and the client received the care she needed while her daughter was able to get some sleep.

Late Friday morning we received a call that a client in a rehab facility was going to be discharged and they wanted to be home in a few hours. The situation was very complex including tracheostomy care, tube feeding and more, but our nurses pulled it off and the client was in his home that afternoon. Nurse Jason was out Friday night until after 10:00 PM and Nurse Teresa went out on a Saturday evening to delegate to the night caregiver. This is the most complicated Quick Start Care client we have had and it was fun to work together to make it happen for this very nice client who really wanted to go home.

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Quick Start Care

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