Personal Care

Providing services and caring for people in their homes or retirement communities is more than a list.

We do have a list but it is what we do with that list, how care is started and what happens when you need something that is not on that list that sets No Worries apart.

Personal Assistance and Care

Pet Care (walking, feeding, vet visits, medication administration)
Respite Care
Light housekeeping (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, dusting)
Clean bathroom and kitchen (do dishes)
Garbage removal
Closet organization
Watering plants
Changing linens, make bed
Shopping and Errands
Meal Planning and Preparation
Special Diets and Nutrition
Feeding Assistance
Supporting Interests and Hobbies Scheduling and Transport for Appointments
Scheduling and Transport for Activities

Activities of Daily Living

Dressing (including compression stockings)
Grooming (shaving, combing hair, etc.)
Oral hygiene (brushing, denture or partial care)
Bathing (bed, tub, shower)
Assist with Safe Toileting
Skin Care
Bed Care (bathing, incontinence, repositioning)
Assist with Hearing Aids
Medication Reminders
Medication Administration

Health and Safety

Monitoring Vital Signs (BP, HR, RR)
Diabetic Care (monitoring blood sugar)
Diabetic Care (delegation for insulin administration)
Measure and Monitor Intake and Output
Catheter Care
Wound Care
Incontinence Care
Constipation Care
Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
Comfort care for clients on Hospice
Oxygen (nasal cannula, mask, humidified, etc.)
Nebulizer Treatments
Oral Suctioning

Mobility and Communication

Occupational Therapy Exercises
Physical Therapy Exercises
Braces (back, leg, arm, neck)
Assist with Prosthetics or Orthotic Devices
Assistance with Walking (cane, walker, gait belt)
Wheelchair Care (transfers, incontinence, repositioning)
Fall Prevention
Incontinence Care
Transfer (pivot, slider board)
Transfer (Hoyer lift)
Speech Therapy Exercises
Communication (visual, hearing, speech impaired)

The Care you need by people who Care