Custom Care

There is so much more that can be done with our Custom Care!

Whether we are providing care during a vacation in or out of state, short-term, postsurgical care or helping to plan a home for aging in place, No Worries can do it all.

It’s all about “Yes”

Yes, we can fly to Florida and pick up a lovely grandmother who wants to come to Portland for a special family gathering.”

Yes, we can evacuate you, your dog, and all of your equipment to a hotel when your well-pump freezes.”

Yes, we will provide complex care to your loved one with ALS.”

Yes, we can dismantle our skills lab hospital bed and bring it over and set it up so you don’t have to return to rehab tonight because your hospital bed didn’t get delivered.”

At No Worries we have the freedom to say “Yes” and that is what Custom Care is all about.

Tell Us How We Can Customize Your Care!