Complex Care

Complex care is a special service only available because of our high level of licensure and our dedicated team of nurses.

Because nurses oversee all client care needs, a person with more complex needs can receive the benefits of our personal care with the added layer of support, protection and skill complex care.

Our Caregivers are provided a specific nursing delegation and work under the nurse’s license to assist with intermittent straight catheterization, feeding and medication administration via a feeding tube, care and cleaning for tracheostomy, colostomy and also complex wound care.

Our Caregivers are trained and comfortable with administering controlled substances for pain and anxiety and are full able to assist with complex hospice patients as well.

Complex Care

Two Person Care
Ostomy Care
Complex Wound Care
Complex Behavioral Care
Complex Pain Management
Intermittent Straight Catheterization
Feeding via NG, PEG or Gastric Tube
Medication Administration via NG, PEG or Gastric tube
Tracheostomy Care and Deep Suctioning
Other Nursing Delegated Tasks

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