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Parkinson's Disease Resources & Tips

For information about Parkinson's Disease, a good place to start is the Parkinson's Resources of Oregon. They know how to help you by offering Educational Programs, Telephone Support, Exercise & Movement Classes, Support Groups, Newsletter, Lending Library and more. You can reach them at: 1-800-426-6806 or www.parkinsonsresources.org.  

The National Parkinson Foundation has a helpful pamphlet “Nutritional Consideration of Parkinson's Disease by Dr. Pincus.” Call No Worries at (503) 641-4949 to get a copy. The pamphlet is very informative.

Maximizing Mobility
One of the more common drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease is Sinemet. People taking Sinemet and experiencing difficulties with motor fluctuations may benefit from the protein redistribution diet. Because Sinemet binds to dietary protein, you may experience reduced mobility during the day if you eat a lot of protein with breakfast and lunch. The Protein redistribution diet recommends that you eat low protein meals for breakfast and lunch, then have a normal dinner. This may give you increased mobility during the day.  You still get the protein that you need but the effects of reduced mobility due to the protein and Sinemet combination occurs during the evening and while you sleep. For more information, check with your doctor.

Dragon Software Helps Parkinson's Patients

    Many people with Parkinson’s have difficulty with fine motor skills such as writing or typing. Dragon software has a product that allows the user to speak instead. It converts the spoken words into written words allowing the user to produce letters, send e-mails, and even manipulate spreadsheets. This is one of many resources available to help Parkinson’s patients remain as independent as possible.

Common Parkinson's Symptoms
Muscle rigidity

Unstable, stooped or slumped posture

Loss of balance

Gait changes
(walking patterns)

Shuffling walk

Slow movements

Difficulty initiating any voluntary movement

Slowness in speech

For a complete list of signs and symptoms visit the Parkinson’s Association website at:
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