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Nutritional Facts
Helpful Hints

Water is essential to a healthy body.
Every day you breathe out about a liter of moisture. If you do not drink at least a liter a day you are on the way to being dehydrated. “Even mild dehydration-losing as little as a cup of body water-affects your physical and mental performance.”
Prevention/Sept. 1999.

By drinking enough water each day you may help avoid illness. Poor water consumption may lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) which are common in the elderly. UTI can lead to confusion, fatigue, and serious illness. Don't like drinking water? Try a straw, adding ice, or flavored water. It’s important that you drink water every day.

    Eat like your life depends on it.
    Low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat or low sugar diet restrictions may seem overwhelming. Have you ever looked at the labels on foods? Sugar and salt are in everything. Perhaps the answer is eating fresh foods…no labels!

    Realistically, as challenging as reading labels and planning can be the rewards are significant. Prevention Magazine quoted the Journal of the American Medical Association “In a 20-year study of nearly 10,000 people, for each additional 1tsp of salt eaten daily by people who were overweight, the risk of dying from heart disease increased 61% and the risk of dying from a stroke increased 89%.”

You don't have to go it alone. 
For many, poor nutrition starts with not wanting to cook just for themselves. Meals on Wheels has been an incredible resource, helping those who are not able to cook and those who have lost interest. Contact your local Senior Center for details.
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